…efforts of a want-a-be photographer


Hello, and welcome to my photo blog. I don’t consider myself to be a blogger, and when I look at the wonderful images I find all over the Internet, I don’t feel like much of a photographer. Hence, my reason for creating this site. My hope is that it will give me an opportunity to participate in some of the projects, such as the Weekly Photo Challenge, and get constructive comments about my work. I live in northern Virginia and my real job is in the District. So long work hours combined with a terrible commute provide me with plenty of excuses for not actively and consistently concentrating on my photography.

I have not really discovered my niche yet. I have shot a lot of youth sports over the last 10 years, mostly of my son’s baseball teams. I documented my daughter’s soccer while she played and found that while I don’t particularly enjoy (or understand) soccer, soccer photography was fun. The only money I’ve ever made from photography, albeit not very much money, has been from soccer. I’ve been interested in Photography since I was a young kid. My dad enjoyed photography and I gained my interest using his Petri Racer 35mm camera until I enlisted in the Air Force in 1981. I soon purchased a Minolta 35mm that I used to primarily shoot slide film like my Dad. As digital became affordable, I started playing with the early point-and-shoot variety first obtaining a Kodak 1-megapixel, soon followed by a Nikon Coolpix 990, 2 megapixel. After returning from 2 years in Japan in 2002, I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D-100, and have worked my way up to my current Nikon D-800.

With my youngest’s pending graduation from high school, sports photography will decline and I hope to find other types to pursue. I have found that I like to experiment with light painting after watching a couple of Dave Black’s classes on Kelby Training. I hope the photo challenges will push me to try new things.


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