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Light Painting


Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination

Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination

This is my first blog post and my first Weely Photo Challenge submission. I am very new at this, so bear with me as I figure out the whole blogging protocol.

I’ve been playing around with light painting Dave Black style. I have always admired his creative images and after watching his light painting classes at Kelby Training, I thought I would give it a try.

The image is shot with a 30 second exposure at F-14 using small LED flashlights to illuminate the image. The image contains my Dad’s old cameras and his photography handbook. I first learned 35mm photography using the Petri Racer pictured on the right. The Kodak Retina was his first camera, which quit working when I was a toddler. It’s COMPLETELY manual. No range finder or light meter. He always said he wasted more film than he got usable pictures from. He shot mostly slide film and I followed suit for many years.