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A Day at the DC Zoo

A Day at the DC Zoo

We’ve lived in northern Virginia for over 10 years, and I’d only been to the DC Zoo once prior to today. A coworker and I decided to head over Sunday morning to try out luck photographing the animals. I didn’t have the best of luck. In my defense, the animals don’t simply pose on command. You have to be very patient and hope that when something interesting happens, you are in the right place with your camera pointed in that direction. The tricky thing about shooting at the zoo is that what would otherwise be a great shot, more often that not, captures a fence, man-made pond, or something concrete which makes the animal look like … it’s in the zoo.

Here’s the King of the DC Zoo.


iPhone Friday: Older Pics

I was searching through all the photos on my iPhone a couple of days ago and found a few I had forgotten about.  I love the ability to capture images with my phone, but the best part is to always have a photo album with me.

This is my son JP helping me replace the leaf-springs on my 66 Ford Mustang over a year ago.

ImageI’m not sure when I took this picture of the flags in front of Union Station in DC.

ImageAnd finally the US Capitol.  I think this photo was made with a BlackBerry Storm before I drank the Kool-Aid and switched to the iPhone.


No Mail On Saturdays……

If you’ve been following the story, the US Postal Service is about to reduce it’s mail delivery on Saturdays in an attempt to save money.  I remember they previously eliminated a lot of Post Offices in small rural towns attempting to do the same thing.  Somehow this one in Calverton, Virginia, survived that round of closures.  You have to admit this one is pretty cool.Image

iPhone Friday: A little late…..

It’s been one of those weeks.  I worked from home yesterday and completely lost track of what day of the week it was.  It was simply a crazy week altogether.  I try to remember to take at least one photo per day, whether with my iPhone or one of my DSLRs.  Here’s a random iPhone photo taken this week as I walked back to my office on Mass Ave NW, in DC.  Obviously the intent was to capture the US Capitol, but the National Association of Realtors building in the foreground makes the picture to me.  Hope everyone had a great Friday….Image

The Cold Front Rolls In…..

20130215-DSC_1098_HDR.jpg by threewhln
20130215-DSC_1098_HDR.jpg, a photo by threewhln on Flickr.

A 55 degree, sky blue day gives way to a cold front….

iPhone Friday: Time

There just doesn’t seem to be enough……



Great Falls Park – HDR

It was a beautiful day in northern Virginia, albeit a bit cold.  There’s just something about winter and leafless trees that I do not find appealing.  I grew up in northeast Alabama, and while the trees lost their leaves in winter, the woods were filled with varying types of evergreens.  The pine and cedar trees at least kept a little green sprinkled throughout the landscape.  I’m certainly ready for spring.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with little time to get out with my camera.  Here’s my latest effort in learning to use Nik Software’s HDR Pro 2.


And one that isn’t HDR.


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