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iPhone Friday: Spring Foliage


Spring temperatures finally arrived in NoVA over the past few days, and the foliage appeared almost overnight. This shot is taken from my back deck, and there are town homes just a couple hundred yards through the trees that have now been completely blocked from view. I love Spring time!



iPhone Friday: Spring in DC


I got out today to shoot the Cherry Blossoms, but was a day late. We had winds and heavy rains over night and at least 50 percent were gone. Here is the Washington Monument as it is being repaired from earthquake damage. .

iPhone Friday: A little late…..

It’s been one of those weeks.  I worked from home yesterday and completely lost track of what day of the week it was.  It was simply a crazy week altogether.  I try to remember to take at least one photo per day, whether with my iPhone or one of my DSLRs.  Here’s a random iPhone photo taken this week as I walked back to my office on Mass Ave NW, in DC.  Obviously the intent was to capture the US Capitol, but the National Association of Realtors building in the foreground makes the picture to me.  Hope everyone had a great Friday….Image

iPhone Friday: Time

There just doesn’t seem to be enough……



iPhone Friday: Separate Worlds

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, events have convinced me that despite all our technology innovations designed to improve communications and pull society closer together, we are more distant than at any point in history.  Each in our own world, yet so close together.


And the less profound iPhone pics from the week……ImageImage

iPhone Friday: Choices

It’s been a crazy week for me, and my family. Between returning to northern Virginia on Sunday after several days in Alabama tending to my parents, catching up on work at the office (which is never caught up), and dealing with other personal matters, photography has taken a back seat other than a few iPhone shots. While browsing the few I had taken this week, I was trying to come up with a couple that I could link together in some sort of a theme. Then it occurred to me just how many choices we have to make each day … Some trivial and require little conscious thought, and the occasional one that can be life altering. It seems the latter category has been prominent for me and my family this week. My theme conceived, I found a couple of images from the week that capture some of the more simple (and more enjoyable) choices.

Food trucks line up in front of my DC office each day around lunch. I don’t often partake, but I have to make a conscious choice to pass them up for something else.


While I am not a big beer fan, it’s always interesting to see the many different beer taps used, particularly in different geographical areas. I captured these in a sports bar & grill in Alabama. Note the “Truck Stop Honey” and “Sweet Water 420”. Choices, choices……


iPhone Friday – Vices

I’m going to plagiarize the iPhone Friday idea others have adopted.  To improve your photography, you have to make photographs.  Here is my first iPhone posting.  Three of my ‘vices’.  They are processed using the Simply HDR app.

Happy Friday!