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iPhone Friday: Spring Foliage


Spring temperatures finally arrived in NoVA over the past few days, and the foliage appeared almost overnight. This shot is taken from my back deck, and there are town homes just a couple hundred yards through the trees that have now been completely blocked from view. I love Spring time!



iPhone Friday: Spring in DC


I got out today to shoot the Cherry Blossoms, but was a day late. We had winds and heavy rains over night and at least 50 percent were gone. Here is the Washington Monument as it is being repaired from earthquake damage. .


A Day at the DC Zoo

A Day at the DC Zoo

We’ve lived in northern Virginia for over 10 years, and I’d only been to the DC Zoo once prior to today. A coworker and I decided to head over Sunday morning to try out luck photographing the animals. I didn’t have the best of luck. In my defense, the animals don’t simply pose on command. You have to be very patient and hope that when something interesting happens, you are in the right place with your camera pointed in that direction. The tricky thing about shooting at the zoo is that what would otherwise be a great shot, more often that not, captures a fence, man-made pond, or something concrete which makes the animal look like … it’s in the zoo.

Here’s the King of the DC Zoo.




While I absolutely love looking through a view-finder of a camera, my subjects have been primarily my family. Baseball, soccer, basketball, proms, homecoming dances, etc., have been primarily my focus. With my youngest, JP, at the halfway through his senior year I hope to explore other avenues with my camera.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination

Weekly Photo Challenge – Illumination

This is my first blog post and my first Weely Photo Challenge submission. I am very new at this, so bear with me as I figure out the whole blogging protocol.

I’ve been playing around with light painting Dave Black style. I have always admired his creative images and after watching his light painting classes at Kelby Training, I thought I would give it a try.

The image is shot with a 30 second exposure at F-14 using small LED flashlights to illuminate the image. The image contains my Dad’s old cameras and his photography handbook. I first learned 35mm photography using the Petri Racer pictured on the right. The Kodak Retina was his first camera, which quit working when I was a toddler. It’s COMPLETELY manual. No range finder or light meter. He always said he wasted more film than he got usable pictures from. He shot mostly slide film and I followed suit for many years.